Major Execuctive and Judicial Positions
General Information
Legislature Information

Hegemon: Arius I
High Chancellor: Darius Rosenchild
Secretary of Procurement: Vacant
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
Secretary of Community: Vacant
Dominar: Arius Rosenchild

Magistrate: Vacant
Justiciar General: Vacant
Strategos: Azariah Respet
Director of the ENAPL: Azariah Respet
Grand Vizier: Arius Rosenchild
WA Delegate: Vacant

Full Roster of Official Government Positions

Epoch: VI

Paragon of the Epoch: Arius Rosenchild
Welcome to the Exalted People's Dominion of New Atrosia. Spanning an island continent of the same name enriched with magical and technological wonders, New Atrosia is a realm born in fire with a rich history and a proud people. We welcome all with true hearts to join us in our quest for prosperity.

• Praise to the Exalted People`s Dominion of New Atrosia! May it last for over nine thousand eternities! • A trillion blessings to the Great Four Antecessors, the first of the Praeventores! • Rise to the challenge, stand loyal to your region and your brethren!

0th Session of the Grand People's Council of New Atrosia

Darius Rosenchild (Independent)
Councilor: Vacant (Party)
Councilor: Vacant (Party)
Councilor: Vacant (Party)
Councilor: Vacant (Party)

Paramount Party: None

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